Package Insert Design

Turn a misunderstood product into a winner!

We have found many products that are good solid products, but suffer from bad reviews, or high return rates. These are death to sales. Most consultants will sell you copywriting, photos or targeted advertising. They are so far removed from actual customers, and end up just costing you more money. You pay hundreds or thousands of dollars believing that you are talking to a pro only to be left with a pathetic attempt to rewrite what you previously had, or uninspired photos.These companies make money off of your desperation, not facts. 

We have turned around over 90 products that were solid sellers, but being crushed by negative reviews and high returns.

Selling on Amazon is awesome, but sometimes you are left out of the loop when customers are dissatisfied. You see return after return, and false reviews pile in driving you crazy!

Did you know that return rates affect your product rank? So do negative reviews. In fact these are more harmful than a bad listing, or basic copywriting.

Thanks to the multitude of product types we have worked with we have discovered the BEST way is through illustration and explanation. Watch your profits increase instantly! This one thing will separate you from other sellers and will allow the customer to get the most out of your product.


*the product consult is applied to the order if we decide to move forward.



This is a high demand service, so please contact us before ordering so that we can meet your time frame.